A downloadable game for Windows

The Ultimate Lawnmower Simulator, can YOU cut the most grass? Customization options which grow as you get a higher percentage and 2 "Cheat Codes" for better and faster mowers are included in this game.   

This game is NOT intended as a serious game, I just wanted to get used to creating games and finish one for the sake of finishing one.  My next game will be much more serious, I just really wanted to get one out there.

Controls are very simple. Movement is far from realistic, but makes it a bit more challenging than realistic movement.

W to accelerate.

A and D to turn left and right BUT only if your still holding W.

Stuck in a corner? They get kinda finicky, just keep wiggling and you'll get out eventually.

Warning: Low-end PC's may have difficulties due to the sheer amount of entities in the game at any given moment.

Install instructions

Step 1: Download

Step 2: Double click the executable file you just downloaded

Step 3: Play


Mowey Lawn - The Ultimate Lawn Mower Simulator.exe 4 MB

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